From the very beginning, Decentralised Demountables have dedicated a large portion of our business to the quality construction and delivery of Demountable Classrooms both for Government or Private Educational Institutions. We take pride in the fact that these buildings can include the requirements that other Portable Builders may not be able to provide. Whether your Portable Classroom requirement is temporary or permanent, our experience and expertise ensures we can provide the perfect addition to your school.

Case Study: Large Classroom:
Our custom made portable classrooms can be built to almost any size. This Classroom complex was designed and constructed in 2 sections, seamlessly creating a large area specifically for medical students to perform practical tasks. Made from economical yet robust Coolroom Panelling, this classroom came complete with a separate Office/Store room, Airconditioning, Whiteboards, Patient Curtain Tracks, wash basins and internal cabinets.


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